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Hi, Hello, Oink !

We realise we are a very lucky to live in the Dorset countryside on a little farm near Blandford. We have tried to keep our idyllic spot as traditional and unspoilt as possible which I think we achieve with its throwback feel to a time farming has forgotten.
I'm Richard and with my partner Jenna we keep a few pigs, some sheep, rear calves have a horse and some chicken and geese! Quite a mixture and a lot of work.
We keep Saddleback sows which we breed the piglets from which grow up to be our hog roast pigs. Our main sows are called 'Pig' (obviously!), 'Mavis' and 'Doris' as well as our Large White
boar; 'Boris'. We are helped with our day to day jobs on the farm by our great collie 'sheep-pig dog' Squidge and his girlfriend Nala the Springador; they come around with us to do the feeding and pick up any crumbs they might find.
We believe in the traditional farming methods of keeping small numbers and looking after the animals with individual care. They are all reared outside and fed twice a day and very well cared for. This also makes them very quiet and easy to handle.
Giving the animals the best lives means they have had a decent living and therefore when it comes to converting that animal to meat, it is with a respect that they have lived well.
We are often asked how we can cook our home reared stock, but we would much prefer to cook and eat an animal that has been treated fairly and enjoyed its time. This shows through in the flavour of the meat as well and is why we are so proud of our product
We are keen to share our farming experiences with the consumer and answer any questions you may have. Being a small business we cook and carve the majority of the hog roasts ourselves so we can tell you the full story of our pigs, or any other part of our farming lives.
Rich & Jenna, Nala & Squidge

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